Issue S7 of MI6 Confidential, James Bond Magazine

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special 7, december 2023

MI6 Confidential is proud to announce our latest special publication: a limited-run 100-page perfect bound issue of the magazine taking a deep dive into one particular facet of the franchise. In an era when visual effects were decades away from a digital revolution, Moonraker emerged as one of the series most visually ambitious. It's visuals remained rooted in the mastery of practical effects, model work, and pioneering techniques that have since acquired a nostalgic patina of cinematic artistry.

For this, our seventh MI6 Confidential special, collector Thomas Nixdorf has kindly opened his archive of rare behind the scenes Moonraker photography, production concepts, and art. The majority of the unpublished photos presented herein are drawn from the original 1978/79 negatives. All of our stunning Special Edition magazines have emphasised selecting rarer photos from our archives or from kind contributors, and this year we are taking that to the natural next step. For the first time, we have opted to present this amazing material in a landscape format to maximise the aspect ratio of the available imagery.

In This Special Issue

  • 100 page special magazine; professionally printed; perfect bound
  • Rarely seen photography from the extensive model unit shoot at Pinewood
  • Illustrations and concepts from Moonraker
  • An exhausitive production history based on access to shooting documents and scripts
  • Insights and memories from crew members

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