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MI6 Confidential is a part-works magazine. Readers will receive an email notification when the next issue is released. News of future issues will be published on this website and other outlets. Click here sign-up to receive notification when new issues of MI6 Confidential are released.



MI6 Confidential is not a subscription-based magazine. You do not have to pay up front for any issue that is not in print, nor are there any annual fees. There are no club or membership charges, exclusive services or fees for accessing this website. Simply, each issue is available to buy from the first day of publication, and thereafter limited stocks of previous issues can be purchased via the back issues section. Some customers prefer to pre-order issues ahead of release to assure swift priority delivery, although this is not obligatory.


Pre-orders operate on a calendar year. If you subscribe to the 2022 pre-order season you will receive all the magazines released in that period. You can optionally choose to add a special 100-page magazine into this deal. Pre-orders do not roll over automatically, nor do we keep your card on file. We will remind you when it is time to renew. People who sign up for our pre-order service receive a discount equivalent to the cover price of one issue, and a free uniquely-designed post card, shipped with the first issue.


The MI6 Confidential team welcomes all feedback about the magazine via the contact page.


All single issue orders ship in card-backed envelopes to help ensure the collectible magazine arrives in mint condition.

Shipping Costs

All shipping costs are now displayed as a separate line-item on purchase pages. Due to constantly changing shipping costs for UK and international orders, MI6 Confidential has extracted these costs from the cover price to ensure fair pricing for all readers worldwide. These shipping fees are 'at cost' and are subject to change.

Shipping Times

IMPORTANT: In the current pandemic and global economic circumstances, mail is moving slower than usual, and often not arriving. To keep our team safe, we are also dispatching orders less frequently. All regions, please allow 14 working days from order. We thank you for your patience.

Our standard pre-pandemic SLAs were as follows:

For UK readers, issues are sent via Royal Mail first class delivery. Please allow 3 working days for delivery. For readers in USA & Canada, magazines are sent first class USPS. For Europe and Rest of the World, issues are sent via international airmail. Please allow 14 working days for delivery.

Please also allow for delays during holiday periods and regional variations in airmail delivery times.

As with all material sent through the postal service, on rare occasions there can be delays or losses. If you do not receive your purchased copy of MI6 Confidential within a reasonable time please contact us with details of your purchase, including the date your ordered the magazine.


A number of reasons may make you eligible for a refund. Please read our refund policy before contacting us.

Looking For Something Specific

We have an ever-increasing rage of back issues, both from the MI6 Confidential and MI6 Declassified eras. If you are looking for something specific, try checking out our features by Bond film index, or browsing the back issues. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, contact us with the suggestion and we'll take it on board.