refund policy

When you purchase from MI6 Confidential we are committed to making your experience a good one.

Cancellation Prior To Shipment

If you no longer wish to go ahead with a purchase, contact us. If the item(s) have not shipped we can issue a full refund. Once items have shipped they are considered purchased and no long eligible for the no-questions-refund. See below for other scenarios.

Items That Never Arrive

Inevitably items get lost in the post. This is no problem. If you do not receive your items within 14 working days, contact us to explain. We will ask you to confirm your postal address and will ship another issue or issue a refund at our discretion. Bear in mind that shipping to countries in Europe, South America, or North Africa sometimes have extended time in customs. Please be patient if your recipient address falls into one of these categories. MI6 Confidential may reserve the right to wait longer than the 14 days.

Buyers must contact us within 90 days (3 months) to advise of non-recipt. If customers advise MI6 Confidential of non-receipt more than 90 days after purchase, MI6 Confidential can no longer be liable for the receipt of magazines.

Customers are responsible for providing complete and accurate shipping addresses. Some extra charge may apply if you have requested an item to be shipped to an inaccessible or incorrect address. We endeavour to notify clients when the item is returned to sender and arrange to repost the item.

Items That Arrive Damaged

Your item may arrive in a sub-standard condition as a result of weather conditions, a print defect, or treatment by the postal service. In these conditions we will happily replace damaged issues at no charge to the reader, provided sufficient photographic evidence of magazine and package damage is supplied.

You Sent Me The Wrong Issue

No problems. We are human here and we will replace it with the correct issue. In most cases we encourage you to give your unwanted copy to a friend who might like it, rather than return it to us.

I Don't Like The Content / I Ordered The Wrong Issue

If you decide upon receipt that you no longer want the issue, MI6 Confidential cannot be liable for customer error or regret. Feedback on the quality is always welcome, but no refunds or replacements can be forthcoming in this case.

I Need To Cancel A Pre-Order (Subscription)

Pre-orders give readers a discount for committing to purchase a full year's worth of magazines. If your circumstances change and you can no longer afford a pre-order subscription, contact us. We will issue a partial refund based on items not yet shipped. This is calculated based on the current cover price of as many issues have been shipped to you. E.g., in a four-issue season, where three (3) have shipped, we will refund you the cover price and postage for a single issue at the rate you paid.

Everything Else...

Strange things happen all the time, and we like to be sympathetic. Contact us if you have a question, grievance or concern. We promise to listen and consider your case. However, we will not be obligated to issue a refund. This will be at the discretion of our team dealing with your request.