Issue 69 of MI6 Confidential, James Bond Magazine

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issue 69, volume 17, july 2023

It was a brave choice to send 007 to the US South and make every villain black for Roger Moore’s debut. However, it was arguably an even braver move to normalise interracial romance, as we see between Rosie and James in Live And Let Die. Half a century later, some of the creative choices may not land comfortably, but Moore delivers an assured performance, and the production featured some of the series’ iconic music, chases, and characters.

This issue we revisit the 1973 production, looking back at how the film was made and marketed, with the reproduction of intriguing contemporary features and our own exhaustive production history. We also caught up with Director Matthew Bauer about the documentary, The Other Fellow, and learned about some thrilling European experiences now on offer from EON Productions and travel partner, Black Tomato.

In This Issue

  • Roger Moore is James Bond introducing the third man to play 007 back in 1973
  • Black Queen on the Red King... voodoo and tarot collide in Bond’s magical realist outing
  • Names is for Tombstones the production history of Live And Let Die
  • To Russia, With Hope adapting 'From Russia With Love'
  • You Know My Name a conversation with the director of The Other Fellow documentary
  • Happy Passengers luxury Bond location experiences are now available across Europe

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