Issue 55 of MI6 Confidential, James Bond Magazine

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issue 54, volume 14, august 2020

As the filmmaking world comes to terms with developing, shooting and marketing mass entertainment in an uncertain COVID environment, we cast our attention back at sunnier times.

In this issue we talk exclusively with Moore-era art director John Fenner and Craig-era construction manager Steve Bohan about some of the magnificent sets they designed and built. We also host a candid conversation with the inventor of a suite of Bond RPGs — in an era before videogames took hold, Bond licensees rolled the dice on an alternate form of entertainment.

In This Issue

  • All in the Wrist - How Victory Games earned a licence to publish 007 themed role-playing games
  • Egyptian Builders - Construction supervisor Steve Bohan reflects on his 007 adventures
  • Perfection Refined - A DB5 lovingly-recreated by Aston Martin and Chris Corbould
  • A Design Odyssey - From 2001 to Moonraker, John Fenner remembers his work on Bond and with Kubrick
  • Last Supper - The origins of Bond’s particular recipe for scrambled eggs
  • Beyond Bond - The Fugitive has been imagined for 2020 in a bite-sized format

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