Issue 50 of MI6 Confidential, James Bond Magazine

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issue 50, volume 13, april 2019

For the 16th Bond adventure Michael G. Wilson took the lead in penning a darker, more brooding Bond story, borrowing only a smattering of Fleming source material and setting the story South of the border. Dalton, who firmly believed Bond wasn’t for children, welcomed the increased violence and danger. 30 years on the film reveals more than you might think about the future of Bond: as well as cranking up the violence, it set a 30-year tone for poster design, and showed Bond with a vested, personal interest in the mission.

This issue celebrates the film many look on as an 'outlier' of the series by dipping back into the press archives and hearing from its stars. We also learn how to explore New York like 007 and reveal a scrapped sequence from Die Another Day.

In This Issue

  • Dalton on Bond - Celebrating 30 years of Licence To Kill
  • Dalton in Japan - A snapshot of the massive media coverage in Japan
  • Tonal Shift - Licence to Kill saw the introduction of more photography into 007's promotional posters
  • 007’s New York - Visit the city that never sleeps following Fleming’s Bond
  • An Unloved Season - Michael Lonsdale reflects on Moonraker as it marks 40 years
  • Wai Lin Returns - The Die Another Day abandoned sequence that almost included Michele Yeoh
  • Beyond Bond - Behind the scenes of Matthew Vaughn's Daniel Craig lead film Layer Cake

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