Issue 38 of MI6 Confidential, James Bond Magazine

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issue 38, volume 10, december 2016

Bond girls are forever, but in the last two decades the 007 producers have shaken up the ‘Bond girl’ archetype significantly. Strong, independent and critical of Bond’s actions and motives are now the norm. But even this change hasn’t stopped Bond women from being devastatingly beautiful and the subject of much admiration. This issue is dedicated to finding out what it takes to be a Bond girl, with features on Bond’s comic book companions, the surprising origins of the Bond girl label, and the role of Bond women in the 21st century.

In This Issue

  • The Name’s Bond... - Samantha Bond’s stint as the iconic secretary
  • Bond Girls Stripped - A glimpse of Fleming’s characters in comic strip form
  • Bond Girl Etymology - Where did the widely-recognised phrase originate?
  • Quick Fire Bond - Lightning Q&A with some of Bond’s brushes through the decades
  • The Double X Factor - The feminine power of the 21st century Bond woman
  • Gaming Girls - A catalogue of digital delights that have crossed paths with 007
  • Driving Him Crazy - A cut scene from The Living Daylights revisited
  • The Bond Connection - The glamorous women and the spy films of the 1960s

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