Issue 36 of MI6 Confidential, James Bond Magazine

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issue 36, volume 10, august 2016

The Bond family is knitted together by a team of hardworking professionals who have committed their lives to filmmaking. EON develops relationships such that it can rely on talent time and time again and has a knack for nurturing young filmmakers to fruition. A perfect example is lifelong special effects professional Chris Corbould, who started on the films aged eighteen. Today he reflects on his life with Bond, from 1977’s Spy to SPECTRE.

Also in this issue we take a look at the science behind Moonraker and the logistics behind renovating and shooting at the stunning Piz Gloria.

In This Issue

  • Making Magic - Award-winning special effects supervisor Chris Corbould on Bond
  • Glorious - Pre-production for OHMSS in Switzerland
  • The Man With The Midas Touch - The late director Guy Hamilton remembered
  • A Master Illustrator - Documenting the work of artist Robert McGinnis
  • Science Fact - The NASA advisor who worked with EON to keep Moonraker grounded
  • Technically Speaking - Moonraker's extra-terrestrial scenes draw on real life
  • Programmed For Danger - The history of the 'Find Your Fate' books from 1985
  • The Bond Connection - Location shooting on the spy thriller Our Kind of Hero

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