Issue 34 of MI6 Confidential, James Bond Magazine

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issue 34, volume 10, march 2016

The multi-million dollar SPECTRE opened in cinemas late last year to a raft of expectation and a record-breaking first week at the box office. Although, as time would tell, the financial takings did not top its predecessor, the tone of SPECTRE struck a chord with many, and harkened back to an easier, more cavalier era of Bond. As its Associate Producer Gregg Wilson explains to MI6 in this issue, SPECTRE is bigger and bolder by design, and reveals an unburdened Bond.

As well as conversations with Wilson, Ben Whishaw and Naomie Harris, we cast an eye back at the box office and global premieres of the 24th Bond film, and inspect the way the film was marketed via EON’s many promotional partners.

In This Issue

  • SPECTRE Around The World - The world and regional premieres from London to Mexico
  • SPECTRE At The Box Office - Full analysis of the financials from opening to Blu-Ray release
  • Top Of His Game - Gregg Wilson on the bigger, bolder Bond
  • The Home Front - Ben Whishaw & Naomie Harris discuss returning to the franchise
  • The Brands Of SPECTRE - The promotional partners and tie-in campaigns
  • The 'Simplexity' Of The Martini - Belvedere's head mixologist dissects the drink
  • DB10 Goes Miniature - Bond's unique Aston is painstakingly recreated by Corgi
  • The Bond Connection - Sir Roger Moore’s collaboration with Liberty Fabrics

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