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Issue 2 of MI6 Confidential, James Bond Magazine

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issue 2, volume 1, february 2008

The theme of issue #2 is very much 'the Moore the merrier', as we have an exclusive interview with the longest-running James Bond actor Sir Roger Moore, a 30th anniversary celebration of his favourite 007 outing "The Spy Who Loved Me" where cast and crew reflect on keeping the British end up, and the very first look at "Quantum of Solace".

NB: In 2011 MI6 Declassified was renamed MI6 Confidential.

In This Issue

  • Exclusive interview with Sir Roger Moore on his years before, during and after 007
  • Ian Fleming his reports on location in Istanbul for From Russia With Love
  • Nobody des it better with The Spy Who Loved Me 30th anniversary
  • The first glimpse at Daniel Craig's second James Bond outing
  • The Midas Touch? Sean Connery on the Goldfinger script
  • Martine Beswicke talks about her two Bond girl roles
  • A look back at the works of Pan paperback artist Sam Peffer
  • GoldenEye 007 the legend lives on - the title that changed gaming forever

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