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issue 14, volume 5, march 2012

For fans who grew up after Sean Connery had already handed in his Walther PPK, it may not spring apparent that Timothy Dalton's debut outing in The Living Daylights now signposts the half way point in 007's fifty years on screen. This summer marks the 25th anniversary of that film, which in turn marked the 25th anniversary of Bond on the big screen back in 1987. Time sure flies when you're having fun.

As well as a number of features celebrating 007 'living on the edge', this issue includes Bond directors discussing their work on the series, coverage of key events for this 50th anniversary year, and some early soundbites from the "Skyfall" cast and crew.

In This Issue

  • Living On The Edge - Timothy Dalton explains his take on the character of James Bond
  • Premiere Bond - Revisit the Royal opening of The Living Daylights, held 25 years ago
  • Bond In Motion - The launch of the yearlong vehicle exhibition at Beaulieu
  • Skyfall - Early soundbites from the cast and crew on filming so far
  • In The Directors Chair - Veteran 007 helmsmen reflect on their time with Bond
  • Well Suited - How Anthony Sinclair tailored Sean Connery's look as 007
  • Back Story - Early concepts from the 2008 Fleming cover artist's sketchbook
  • The Bond Connection - The enduring legacy of Ian Fleming's 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'

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