Issue 13 of MI6 Confidential, James Bond Magazine

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issue 13, volume 5, january 2012

Whether it be early conceptual artwork, the production design of sets and gadgets, poster campaigns, or bringing a literary character to life, James Bond's world owes a lot to the many creative processes and talented people who have contributed over the decades.

This special issue features a few snapshots of those elements from the films, books, games and comics - including a lot of rare imagery taken from the archives that fans may not have seen before - and celebrates some of the lives of those who made their mark on the visual experience of 007.

In This Issue

  • Larger Than Life - A look back at the career of production designer Sir Ken Adam
  • A Life Through the Lens - Memoirs of the late cinematographer Alan Hume
  • Visualising Young Bond - How artist Kev Walker brought the character to life
  • Classic Posters - Uncovering some of the rare artwork from the Sean Connery era
  • Beauty and Death - The life and style of cover designer Richard Chopping
  • From Russia With Ink - The journey of the most prolific 007 comic artist, Yaroslav Horak
  • Location Concepts - Rare early designs from EA's 'Everything or Nothing'
  • The Bond Connection - The Mission: Impossible team divulge the gadget secrets of 'Ghost Protocol'

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