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issue 1, volume 1, october 2007

From the first novel “Casino Royale” by Ian Fleming published in 1953, to the block-buster movie adaptation in 2006 starring Daniel Craig, 007 has become one of the most popular franchises worldwide. Packed with an arsenal of fascinating features and eye-popping visuals, whether your passion is with the books, comics, games, music or films, MI6 Declassified will satisfy your appetite for all aspects of the Bond canon.

NB: In 2011 MI6 Declassified was renamed MI6 Confidential.

In This Issue

  • Behind the scenes of Casino Royale's action sequences
  • On location with Gary Powell & Alexander Witt and the second unit
  • Coverage of the You Only Live Twice premiere for its 40th Anniversary
  • A tribute to John McLusky, the creator of the face of James Bond
  • Author Charlie Higson reflects on Young Bond’s early adventures
  • A look inside the Sideshow Studio and their James Bond figures
  • Digitizing the new generation of Bond Girls for From Russia With Love
  • Michael Madsen talks about his role as Falco in Die Another Day

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